Academic Year 2022/’23

General Schedule

I module from September the 27th to December the 15th
II module from December the 16th to March the 16th
III module from March the 17th to June the 13th
Summer module from June the 14th to July the 18th and from September the 1st to September the 23rd
Festivity breaks

November the 1st
November the 8th

Christmas: from December the 24th to January the 7th

Easter: from Aprile the 6th to Aprile the 12ve

Aprile the 25th
May the 1st
June the 2nd

Collective activities

Theory 1 17:30
Theory 2 18:15
Ensemble (classical) November 12ve – 26th / December 10th
Modern Ensemble TO BE DEFINED