Our courses are organized in a simple system of exams that allows to certificate the knowledges learned by our students. The complete training programme is structured in three segments:

– first segment, PREPARATORY, 3 levels (from I to III)
– second segment, IN-DEPTH, 5 levels (from IV to VIII)
– third segment, ADVANCED

To enter one segment it is compulsory to take the exams of the last level of the precedent segment. The first segment (Preparatory) relates to basic techniques and basic theory knowledges, without distinction between classic repertoire and modern repertoire. The second segment (In-depth) goes deep in technique and repertoire, at this point the student must be aware which specific repertoire he/she prefers. Once completed this eight levels, the student is supposed to be able to prepare and pass the entry exam of a Bachelor Degree in an Italian Conservatory or equivalent Academy: the specific programme of the third segment will be decided each year following the student’s aims. Detailed exams’ programmes are available at the front desk upon request. The application for the exam is teacher’s responsability, who will promptly inform the Direction board.