Each student must ask for the association card in order to be allowed to enter the locations of the courses. The association card must be renewed every year at the moment of the application. The association card fee is not refundable.


The academic year is organized as follows:
– first module, from the end of September to the first half of December, 11 individual lessons + group lessons
– second module, from half of December to the first half of March, 11 individual lessons + group lessons
– third module, from half of March to the first half of June, 11 individual lessons + group lessons
The exact day and time of individual lessons will be decided at the moment of application, with a weekly schedule. Each student can also take part in group lessons related to the chosen instrument. Each student will be promptly informed about the exact schedule of group lessons.


Our school follows a system of exams, in order to certify the knowledge of the students. The training program is organized as follows:
– I range, Introduction, composed of 3 levels (from 1° to 3°): students learn basic knowledge, both technical and theoretical, equivalent between classic and modern departments.
– II range, In-depth, 5 levels (from 4° to 8°): students study specific techniques and repertoire; the program asks the student to be aware of differences between styles and related techniques.
– III range, Advanced Specialization: this range is costumed around students’ needs; students can be prepared to face auditions for Conservatoires or for competitions or simply continue their training with the chosen teacher.
Before each exam session, every teacher will communicate the names of those who are ready to face an exam.


The secretariat will provide, at the beginning of the academic year, the chart containing fees, exact academic year organization, a list of feast days and deadlines for payments. Each student must ask for a copy of the document. The school will establish discounts for students who enrol in more courses or for students who are members of the same family.


The payment of the application fee must be done at the moment of enrollment; the participation fee must be paid not after the last day of the previous module. The fees are always paid in one solution. Those who don’t pay following the established deadlines cannot take part in the courses and a late payment fee of an additional €50,00 on the participation fee. If both fees are not paid within the time established by the secretariat, the school can proceed with legal actions for debt recovery. Moreover, it will be possible to apply for a new academic year, only if all the debts for former years are correctly paid.


The non-attendance of the student cannot be made up, while the lessons not taken because for reasons depending on the teacher will take place in another day. In order to ensure continuity, the School can appoint, at any time of the academic year, temporary alternates or permanent substitutes for its collaborating teachers.


Any withdrawal from courses must be promptly notified to the Secretariat. The absence of such communication implies the payment of the fee due.


Parents and in any case the relatives or carers of underage students must not leave the underage unsupervised before and after class time. In case of non-observance of the above, Artes Music School is accepted from now on from any claim regarding any damage caused by minors, to themselves or to third parties, in the above indicated time frame.


The school will promptly inform users of events or circumstances that prevent the continuity of the lessons and any actions taken to deal with them. It should be noted that in no case the school can be held responsible for any lessons or activities not done due to force majeure (national emergencies, natural disasters, specific territorial provisions, …); the conscious refusal on the part of the students (or parents in the case of minors) of the enterprising solutions of the school to cope with contingencies is equivalent to non-attendance and does not give the right to make it up.